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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. doing this the easy way. really tight game with the rangers. score, 3-1. bottom of the 7th. and thanks for turning away for a second. you just can't watch it because you are on those pins and needles. we have team coverage tonight. cheryl conor is out live. we start down in enemy territory in texas. what does it look like down there? >> reporter: the first you might notice i put this jacket on. it is cold here. earlier i was walking around sweating and the temperatures have dropped 20 degrees. tough for the rangers to come back. the ball is not going to carry now that the temperature dropped. still 3-1 orioles. rangers fans are tense. i managed to find orioles fans in texas and talk to them earlier today. >> just after the orioles took the field for their first playoff game in 15 years, they listened to a horn version of the national anthemment . >> which made it rushed. but it was there because orioles fans are here. brought his son to the game from their home three hours away. >> i became a fan and/or yoels fan ever since. >> not many of those years have given him much to chee
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tomorrow is an off day but then the game friday night. the rangers will start hu, had a very good season for texas. buck talked about possibly starting joe saunders or the rookie steve johnson. have you to think though that joe saunders who have the edge just because he is more experienced than johnson. once again the orioles at the texas rangers. we are live tonight. >> i know you can't see but look at these nice hats. playoffs, orioles, 2012. how are the fans taking? i know we lost but we have had 93 wins. >> reporter: when the orioles loose sometimes you see people hold their head, disappointed. when this game ended those fans were up at the dug out, saying congratulations to them. clapping, up beat. this has been a fantastic season. nobody expected this. nobody expected anything like this. even with the loss tonight, sure there is disappointment but this is historic, first time in 15 years they have going to the playoffs if they win the game they are back home to take on the yankees. >> all right. see you in texas. as the orioles continue their ride you can follow along on the websit
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
that the dayoff will have them ready for the texas rangers. >> appropriate that the two wild card teams have the same records, for us we lost head to head so we have to play in texas. we are a good team no matter where and they have a lot of heart and i'm trusting in buck. >> reporter: as for buck he said he is doing all he can to get a win and keep the season alive. >> we are trying everything possible to try to get back to baltimore. >> reporter: joe saunders will start the game for the orioles. >> be really nice to have -- get a win for the club and get a playoff game back home. that's what is -- the organization is asking me to do and it's what the fans want. >> reporter: and he will take on hu a rookie from japan who had a great season but didn't pitch in any of the game that the rangers played against the orioles this season. reporting the ballpark in arlington texas. >> we are bringing you all of your amazing coverage during the playoff run. tomorrow at noon watch us online. abc2 will -- we will be on the website as well as on the mobile device. we will look at what the ori
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3